Fresh Piracy Off West Africa Highlights Link to Overfishing

Modern-day piracy, it seems, happens at the intersection of global shipping lanes, overfished parts of the oceans, and nations whose governments are troubled or failing. If fishermen have no fish to catch and no rule of law to restrain them, piracy would appear pretty attractive. More at National Geographic’s NewsWatch blog.


Lonesome Larry: An Unsung Hero

In early August, I wrote for on the nexus between Woody Guthrie and sockeye salmon. The occasion? The folk singer’s 100th birthday, and the 20th anniversary of Lonesome Larry, the only sockeye to make it to Redfish Lake in 1992 (in decades past, the sockeye in the lake numbered at least 30,000). More at National Geographic’s NewsWatch blog.

Reporting on Bioethics

During the summer, I reported on the August meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues with a series of blog posts. The Commission explored a several fascinating debates on medical data and experimentation, providing the grist for seven posts: